Case Studies

Check out how our innovative customers use Statdash!

We love our own product here at Statdash, and we use it for everything — from keeping track of our goals and priorities to managing our marketing strategy and team skills. We can't imagine how we could ever get along without it! We love seeing how our clients are using Statdash and we thought you would, too. If you would like us to showcase your company here, just let us know.

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Government-Grade High-Security Printer Gains Project Visibility

Providing highly secure printing and software solutions presents unique challenges for managing projects. See how Ashton Potter used Statdash to increase project visibility and communication between project teams and executive management.

Enhanced Collaboration and Consistency in GoldStar ID's Online Courses

See how one company uses Statdash to communicate with globally-dispersed teams to share and update information on course content.

PCA Technology Group Increases Efficiency, Productivity and Transparency with Statdash

See how a technology company uses Statdash to plan their team resources to quickly see how each developer's time is allocated to their clients.

AKA Consulting Increases Client Engagement and Customization with Statdash

Check out this customer case study to see how Statdash is responsive to customer needs and can be used to help ERP implementation teams communicate effectively, keeping everyone engaged and in the loop.

Statdash Eliminates Real Estate Open-to-Close Frustrations

See how realtors are replacing white-boards used for tracking open-to-close transactions with the simple yet powerful Real Estate module in Statdash.

State University Enhances Business/Mentor Pairing with Statdash

The University at Buffalo's Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership partnered with Statdash to simplify the process of pairing businesses with mentors and reactors.