Case Studies

Innovating Course Syllabus Distribution

The University at Buffalo School of Management excels at giving MBA students hands-on, practical studies that they can take with them into the busisness world, making them rank among the best and brightest in their fields.

Professors in the MBA program work with students to equip them for success. Statdash is working with professors to push out their course requirements and syllabi using Statdash's educator module. This module essentially let's professors tailor a specific set of dashboards for use by students that not only diseminate information about the course but also provide a practical tool for students to learn how to manage their priorities and work on their goals.

"Statdash not only helps my students stay on track with their course assignments, it also allows me to see when they are falling behind. I can set due dates for projects, automate email reminders for upcoming deadlines and so much more. Statdash is an organizational tool every teacher and student needs!"  - Thomas R. Ulbrich, Assistand Dean, UB School of Management 

 You can learn more about the educator module for Statdash by visiting our education page