Case Studies

State University Enhances Business/Mentor Pairing with Statdash

The partnership between The University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) and Statdash was a natural fit. Back in 2016, when Statdash was in the launch phase, we immediately recognized the value that CEL offers to businesses and especially to entrepreneurs.  We quickly sought their advice to help with our product launch and they became an early adopter of Statdash.  

CEL has many programs designed to help local businesses on their path to success. Pairing business owners with mentors who have "been there" is a huge part of their program. Statdash dashboards contain features to allow CEL to request updates from their reactors and mentors that include their biographical and resume information. This allows CEL to maintain a rich database of business resources and automates the requesting of updated information. Additionally, the flexible and robust reporting capabilities of Statdash allow CEL to filter their dashboard based on skill level in specified disciplines, making the pairing of mentor and student a breeze.

Using the "Distributor Bundles" module in Statdash, CEL was able to create dashboard templates for classes in their core curriculum that are distributed to every student of their program. These dashboards allow students to track their progress on their goals and requirements and also allows CEL administrators to review the progress of their students. 

CEL is one of the most valuable resources for businesses in Western New York. Statdash is proud to be part of their story as we work together to equip entrepreneurs for success.