Case Studies

Accumatica Cloud ERP Implementation

Q&A with Alex Kleyff of AKA Computer Consulting

Statdash: Could you give us a quick overview of your company?

Alex Kleyff: Sure, we are a computer consulting firm. We specialize in ERP software, implementation, and training. We deal with wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies.

How would you describe your role?
I am the president of the company which means I change hats all of the time.

How many Employees do you have?
We have five.

How long have you been using Statdash?
I would say about a year.

How are you using Statdash?
We are using it to manage our implementation projects and tests. When we take on a new project to manage an ERP, we have a template that we use from Statdash that we tailored to the customer’s implementation and we add all the different people that are involved with the project. We add users there, so everybody gets times or tasks and we put timelines for everything. It helps us and the customer stay in line with the implementation.

How did your company track these things before Statdash?
Spreadsheets, email, handwritten papers, you name it.

What do you feel are the advantages to using Statdash?
It keeps everybody informed of everything that has to be completed and everything that has been completed. It allows you to have a very high view of the project as a whole and see where things are not being properly completed or handled. It sends reminders to all the people involved in the project about tasks that need to be completed. And, it makes for a happier implementation.

What is your favorite feature of Statdash?
Everything. It’s extremely easy to use. Very good screen layouts.

Before choosing Statdash, did you compare any alternative solutions or did
you just go straight to Statdash?
Yeah, I did. I tried to use this other package, Smartsheet.

So, what was the difference?
It’s very complicated to set up and a big learning curve where Statdash was just easy. Excellent help from them, very responsive when I have questions.

How did you learn to use Statdash, did you talk to Pam? Did you watch the
A combination. There were some videos, they have very good training videos online and some of the online help and also they have personalized training to make sure you can apply what you are learning to specific examples that help you with your business.

How long does it take somebody in your business to start using Statdash and
to feel comfortable with it?
I would say probably two days. To be very proficient with it, probably a week to two weeks. But, I think that depends on usage.

Did you need any customization through Statdash? Did the support team have to customize
anything for you?
Yeah, they listened to me a lot because I am a software guy, you know, I gave them a lot of feedback on things that would make my life easier. They are unbelievable at trying to implement—like very quick—sometimes in the same day they send me a message, “OK, done, try it.” But, I don’t know if you want to put that in a big write-up because everybody’s going to abuse it.

Well, to an extent without changing the software completely, but just maybe
adding a feature.
Oh, they're fantastic about that. If it makes sense, you know, they definitely will do it if it helps everybody else and is something that would help the software. They jump at it immediately. I’ve never seen turnaround like that; they're amazing.

What are the other people on your team saying about Statdash?
Oh, they love it. They actually use it. So, that means they like it.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.
Absolutely. So do the customers, by the way, because they are the ones actually using it too. They go in to get the updates on the projects and they go in it and they update things. So, consumers are pretty proactive as well with it.

Oh, that’s good to hear.
So, it’s not just a developer’s tool; it’s basically a people’s tool.

Is there any content or support documents you would like Statdash to work on
and share?
Everything that they are doing is way above and beyond what I would expect. Just amazing.

How likely are you to recommend Statdash to a friend, colleague, or client?
150% I would recommend Statdash to anybody who needs to manage projects or time.