Case Studies

Government-Grade High-Security Printer Gains Project Visibility

For nearly a century, Ashton Potter has been a trusted voice in high-security printing, partnering with the world’s largest brand-conscious and highly-regulated organizations to assure product integrity. In 1925, the Ashton and Potter families came together to establish a commercial printing company in Canada.  In the 1960’s, Ashton Potter grew into one of the largest commercial printers in Canada, eventually moving their base of operations to the U.S. In 1970 they forayed into the stamp industry and eventually secured a contract with USPS and other postal authorities around the globe. Today they are one of the largest stamp producers in the world.

As the world entered the Digital Age, Ashton Potter found themselves at the forefront of software solutions, providing data security and authentication for their customers’ products. Their internal systems, custom-developed software and security printing expertise have made them a leader in the manufacturing execution space.

Managing the complexities of software development can be challenging. Teams need to be highly structured and features need to be implemented in a highly secure and expedient manner. When Ashton Potter decided to develop some new modules for their highly acclaimed software solutions, they searched for a partner to help manage the project and meet their aggressive deadlines. They looked to the project management experts at Statdash to guide them through the process.

One of the biggest challenges for Ashton Potter was visibility. The executive leadership team needed to keep abreast of the development costs and wanted a high-level view of the project status that could be accessed at any time. Working with geographically diverse teams added to the challenge of assembling status information regularly and was a time-consuming task. Although they had used other products in the past to help manage their tasks, no product gave them the big picture view they needed to get a true picture of the project’s status. 

Statdash’s project management expert, Pamela Nelligan (PMP), worked with CTO Joe Schutte to create a roadmap and project plan. They defined the project milestones and deliverables and used the flexible dashboards in Statdash to enable automated communication with the team. By using the automated reporting feature, management received the project visibility they needed to prepare for each roll-out and to maximize their marketing objectives. The development team was able to work unencumbered as they easily updated their statuses through a link sent in the automated status-request email. This drove up efficiency and communication and allowed the project to be completed on time. And the CTO was able to have peace-of-mind that the project was on-track and progressing according to plan.

Today Ashton Potter’s software solutions are making waves as they continue to deliver high-quality solutions to secure product integrity for their clients.  Statdash is proud to be part of their success.