Case Studies

Enhanced Collaboration and Consistency in GoldStar ID's Online Courses

Patty David, owner and lead learning design consultant at GoldStar ID LLC, had been creating online courses for universities and businesses for years. But when she struck out on her own in 2017, she knew she had to tackle instructional designers’ biggest problems: effective collaboration with subject matter experts, better alignment of course materials with stated objectives and outcomes, and consistency of information to improve the student experience. The writing-intensive nature of the work made organization difficult and often resulted in multiple document versions and endless email strings.

“I knew there had to be a better way than flipping back and forth between pages in a Word document or web pages in a learning management system. My clients needed to see an entire course at once, not piecemeal,” Patty explained. “And I needed a way to capture their input on every component and every written paragraph in the course.”

In consultation with Statdash Solutions, Patty designed dashboards to collate large amounts of written information using statuses set to “show comments.” “Now my clients and I can collaborate in real-time, commenting on specific elements, answering questions, and having a complete history of every change made as we build courses together. No more searching through emails for updates or change requests. No more versioning of documents,” she said. “The collaboration has been phenomenal! I’m working with university professors and high-end business owners, and every one of them has commented on how easy and effective this process is. SME engagement is high, which leads to better courses.”

Patty takes advantage of Statdash’s editing tools, search and replace, and column/row shortcut views to ensure consistency across each course and alignment of each module’s content with objectives. “I simply could not do my job without Statdash,” she explained. “There is no product out there that gives me this level of insight and collaboration. When a client makes a change to content or uploads a file to Statdash’s file manager, I receive an immediate or hourly notification. Nothing catches me by surprise.”

Patty also uses Statdash’s activity log to quickly view and edit course elements that have been changed by faculty. “Statdash has all the tools I need to effectively manage complex information and to collaborate easily with clients in other time zones (even as far away as Sydney, Australia).” Patty added, “I know the product wasn’t originally created to work this way, but it is really only limited by the imagination. I use Statdash for everything – from writing courses to managing entire university programs to tracking issues and root causes. It’s the perfect client-facing tool for presenting information that goes beyond a mere status update.”