Case Studies

Statdash Eliminates Real Estate Open-to-Close Frustrations

When Statdash was approached by realtor Sriti Hossain with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, we knew it would be a perfect fit. Sriti quickly recognized the power of Statdash and sought our assistance to address a unique problem in the real-estate industry. 

While there are many products on the market that cater to the real-estate industry, they tend to focus on customer acquisition through property searches or they provide the back-end accounting functions. What is missing is that piece in the middle, from the time a deal is opened (when a client puts in an offer on a property) to the time it is closed (when the sale is complete). Agents must keep track of documents and the status of all the transactions that take place during this 60 day period. And they need to keep everyone in the loop – agents, insurers, mortgage lenders and attorneys as well as the seller and buyer. Typically, realtors use Excel or whiteboards to track this information and then must rely on email to keep everyone updated. Not only is this time consuming, but it is easy for information to "slip through the cracks" as realtors deal with hundreds of emails per day. 

Statdash worked with Sriti to create new features to optimize dashboards for real-estate agents, providing the ability to individualize groups for each property so that each person could only view properties pertinent to them. The file-sharing abilities of Statdash made it easy to pass time-sensitive documents back and forth and all parties received an email whenever files were uploaded. Best of all, Sriti could now easily see the status of all of the properties that she was working to close, making it easy to follow-up with the right people and keep everything on track. 

Sriti excitedly says, "I can't believe how easy Statdash is to use, and how quickly the group adapted to it. I can't even imagine how I used to manage so much information. Statdash has increased my ability to manage multiple properties smoothly and provide the best experience for my clients." 

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