Case Studies

Distributing Templates

When Statdash was approached by realtor Sriti Hossain with Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, we knew it would be a perfect fit. Sriti quickly saw the power of Statdash and set out to create her own dashboard to manage her property open-to-close transactions using our realtor module. She knew this was a tool that she could share with fellow realtors and she had a killer dashboard that she was willing to share.

We showed Sriti how she could create a "course" using our educator module. Courses are a great way to provide a unique link to your colleagues so they can automatically sign up for their own Statdash account with a copy of your dashboards.

Sriti first copied her dashboard to a template so she could share it. She then created a course that looks like this:

She was able to specify the url and the templates that should be loaded when someone signs up. This has allowed Sriti to distribute her templates to help others get up and running quickly with the realtor module. You can see for yourself how her course works by going to this url: Realtor Templates

To purchase our realtor module, use this url: Realtor Module Pricing