Dashboard Distribution

Statdash makes reusing and distributing dashboards easy. Turning your dashboard into a template allows you to reuse a dashboard. This can be a huge time-saver for projects that are similar in nature or dashboards used for onboarding new clients.

Once dashboards are saved as a template, you can create a new dashboard simply by choosing the template from a drop-down list. You can even choose to keep any sample data that was aved with the template. Using the unique access key for each template, you can distribute your template to other Statdash account users so they can create dashboards based on your templates.

Using our Educator Module, educators, trainers and consultants can create courses that include multiple templates to make it easy to distribute a group of dashboards to a new or existing Statdash account. Each course has a unique url that students can use to access the course and view their dashboards. You can choose whether you want to be added as an administrator of their course dashboards.

Below is a screen shot of a list of courses in the Educator Module: