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Send Dashboard Report

This form will allow you to send a view-only dashboard status report to one or more email addresses. You can send it to multiple emails (just separate them with a semi-colon), but all of the email addresses will appear in the "To" field. So, if you want to maintain the privacy of who you are sending them to, just send them separately. 

Email recipients will receive a link in their email to a view-only version of the dashboard. They do not need an account at Statdash and they do not need to login to view the dashboard.

Choose the “Get Report Link Only” link to view the report. Cut and paste the report URL into any email or application as needed. Alternatively, you can also select the orange arrow icon to send an email with the link to a recipient. 

NOTE: After viewing the report, you can navigate back to the dashboard by using your browser’s back button. 

Team Member Status Report

Status reports are meant to be for a single team member for all of their roles for a category of dashboards.

Because team members may have multiple roles and be entered multiple times, you will need to select the email address that is used for the team member. Then you simply select a category and you will see the dashboard statuses for the team member and all of their roles for the dashboard category entered.

Use the email icon to automatically send a link to the status report to the team member so they can easily see their progress on the dashboards.

This feature can also be useful when assessing work progress for a single team member for HR purposes. HINT: Add the email address (real or dummy address) of your CEO or program manager to every team member’s email address field for each dashboard in a category and run the Team Member Status Report on that email address. You’ll have a report that shows the status of every project for every dashboard that you can email to your CEO or schedule to be emailed daily, weekly, or monthly. Your CEO will always be in-the-know on the status of all dashboards without having to view them one-by-one within Statdash.