Statdash Integration with ConnectWise

You can now gain better visibility into ConnectWise projects, boards and service tickets through integration with Statdash. Statdash provides read-only integration that allows you to pull ConnectWise data directly into dashboards to help you better manage your resources, easily update clients on the status of their tickets and projects and give you better visibility into your current project workload across the business. Statdash offers 4 different kinds of dashboards to streamline your view into Connectwise data. Check out the samples below. Because Statdash makes it easy to share read-only dashboards with anyone, it is a great alternative to providing logins for clients to your sensitive ConnectWise data.

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Master Project Dashboard

The master dashboard is used for viewing all open projects for all of your clients. From a single dashboard you can view the estimated start and end date and the estimated and actual hours for all projects. You can easily add additional columns to keep track of things like % Complete, Notes, Next Steps, Team Members Assigned, etc. Easily link to client project dashboards for quick drill-downs into client project tickets.

Client Projects

Once you create your master dashboard, you can immediately create a dashboard for a single client with a click of a button. This will pull in all of the project tickets for each of the projects for the client. You can add team members to provide custom statuses based on contributions to the ticket as well as columns for notes, alerts, etc. You can easily share this dashboard with the client so they are kept up-to-date.

Board Service Tickets

When you import service tickets for a board, Statdash will separate the tickets by ticket owner (assigned to) so that you can easily see how much work each person has in their queue. As tickets are completed in ConnectWise, they are removed from the dashboard. Refreshing the dashboard will reflect any changes to assignment or status. Ticket dashboards include a direct link back to the ConnectWise service ticket for easy updating.

Client Service Tickets

You can easily create a service ticket dashboard for a single client from one or all boards. Tickets are organized by board and each ticket shows the current status. Quickly share your dashboard with clients to keep them abreast of the status of their tickets, including the estimated and actual time logged. Add or hide columns to display exactly what you want your client to see. Ticket dashboards include a direct link back to the ConnectWise service ticket for easy updating.